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OMG! OMG! Update time. Men, the last time I posted a journal was like furebur! :XD: I get too lazy. But anyway. Lots of things have happened! I think I am going to faint :faint: before I get through the things I want to post. :D

Well, first off. Its almost my birthday!!! Turning 17 this friday! Yeyyy!! :giggle: I gives all of you guys cake, :cake:. Eat up! You are all invited to my house party! :giggle: :3 I am planning everything. :cries: Too much to do, in so little time. I have family and lots of friends coming. Weeeeeeeee! -spazess- I am getting olddddddd. Hehe. We are gawna have games and lots and lots of food! Well, I hope we do. :XD: I don't want to turn 17 yetttt. I want to be young againn. :D

I have my permit!!! Well, I got it in March. I can't wait until I get my licence. If I pass the test, I will have gotten my licence in September. Luckly I haven't crashed anything yet. :XD: I have my own car. But I rarly drive it because I have to have someone 21 or older to drive. I think its 21, -thinks-. O well. They have to be old though.

Summer summer summer! I know, its like half way into summer already. I'm late to post this but yehhh. It was so saddddd. I didn't want to say good bye to all my senior friends. :cries: I will surely miss them all. :whisper: I hope they come back and watch me walk. I couldn't watch the graduation. I didn't have a ticket to go.

Well, summer has been kinda boring. :chainsaw: All i've done for the first month was sit on my butt watching TV and going on the computer. :plotting: I wish I did summer school though, even though I didn't need it. I knew some friends that went there. :( I wish I signed up. I miss all my friends nd I luv 'em all.

Hmmm, whut else to talk about. -hits brain so ideas come out- :slap:

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG! -spazes like a fan girl- :cries: I hate doing that. -.-
I have been watching a new show, well new to me anyway. YuGiOh 5D's! OMGee! Turbo Dueling, ftw! Yusei Fudo ishh awesome. :manhug: He is the new Yugi. :XD: I just started watching it. I got so into it after a few eppies on TV. Then I was like, I neeeeeed to start from the beginning. And so the watching the eppies online commenced. It only took me 3 days to catch up to where US is. I stopped at 32 I think because thats as far as english goes. I don't want to watch the Japanese ones. My eyes hurt from reading the subtitles over and over. Speaking of YuGiOh, check this out. I made a little project of mine. I started a forum of Fans of YuGiOh. Check it out and register plz. :D

Anime Expo!!! I wanted to go sooooooooooo bad, -dies-, but I couldn't because the convention is during my birthday and I don't think my parents want me away for my bday. But next year, when I am done with high school, I am so going. Nothing is going to stop me from going next year. I wanted to see deviantART and dA users that lived in the area. Fella :huggle: wanted to go see other Fella's too! :tighthug: :D I was also thinking of doing cosplay as well. If I am going to do cosplay for AX next year, I am going to be Yusei. :XD:

Hmmm. Is that it? :cries: Nuu, I want to keep writing.

My life has been going alright. Nothing special really though. Made some new friends, lost some friends. Well, not really loose friends. :meow: Made a new BFF. :D But that is all I am going to say. If you know, then sushhhhhh. Or I will angerly throw my fish in the air at chu! :shakefish: And it stinks too! -unpacks fish from stinky freezer- Don't tempt me.

Aweee! I love this emotion! :cling: I know, a lot of randomness. >.<

Well, I guess thats it for now. I will update another journal in 3 more  months again. :XD: Naaa, I will update again when I am not lazy. :D

Luv u guys!

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